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Hire Moving Boxes, a professional moving boxes company, provides moving boxes on hire or rent in Sydney.

If you have plans to move anytime soon and wonder where you can find the best place to hire moving boxes from, you need not need to look any further.

Hire Moving Boxes is one of Sydney’s premier companies that rents the best quality and yet cheap plastic boxes Sydney.

Since our inception in 2013 and during these 8 years, we have been doing so ever since we have served countless customers by providing them with the option to hire moving boxes Sydney from us.

Not only are our boxes used for residential moves, but they are also used for office moving boxes Sydney as well.

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Hire Moving Boxes Sydney Here’s Why You Should Do So

Well, to put it simply, moving from one place to another can be a tedious job. And if you have the additional worry of packing your stuff safely, ensuring that there is no damage to your property, things can become even more complicated.

But the good news is that if you decide to hire moving boxes Sydney from us, then our professionals will make sure that all your belongings are appropriately packed with labels and that they are shifted efficiently.

Our plastic boxes for moving Sydney are made up of durable and sturdy plastic, which makes them suitable for packing all of your belonging, be it your clothing, furniture, gadgets, or any other delicate thing. What’s more, we guarantee that none of your belonging will get even the slightest of scratch.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and experience a seamless move like many of our customers have, thanks to our moving crate hire Sydney!!

How Our System Of Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney Works

The difference between packing with conventional cardboard boxes and Hire Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney  from us can be best summed up by 2 words – ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. This Is How Simple The Steps Are To Hire Moving Boxes Sydney From Us:


This is the first step that you need to take when you decide to rent plastic moving boxes Sydney from us. Book the boxes online or click hire boxes to get the quote. Then just place the order either online or by calling us.


After we have received your order we will make sure to deliver your hire moving boxes on time. Once you receive our plastic moving boxes Sydney you will find that they are extremely sturdy and already lidded.


This is where you will experience just how simple moving becomes once you decide to avail of our plastic moving boxes rental Sydney. Each of these plastic moving boxes Sydney arrives fully assembled. All you need to do is pack, and you’re ready to move.


After you are done unpacking from our moving boxes for rent stack them carefully in one are on your new property. One of our experts will visit your place and collect the boxes on your scheduled pickup date.

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney Vs. Renting Or Buying Cardboard Boxes

Plastic moving crates are becoming all the rage in the cargo transportation industry. These boxes provide a host of unique benefits for both professional movers and end-customers alike. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Plastic moving boxes allow significant savings – Our plastic moving boxes Sydney ensures that you don’t need to spend anything extra or worry about property damage. All you have to do is to rent moving boxes from Hire Moving Boxes.
  • Plastic boxes for moving are load-resistant – They are sturdy by nature, which ensures that your belongings are 100% safe inside, even the most fragile ones.
  • Plastic removal boxes have a double-leaf lid – When you decide to rent plastic moving boxes Sydney from us, you’ll see that these plastic removal boxes Sydney have a convenient double-leaf lid. This makes packaging easier and protects the things inside from outside mechanical influences.
  • Handles –Upon deciding to Hire moving boxes Sydney you will see that these plastic moving boxes Sydney also have handles that provide additional convenience while carrying them irrespective of their weight and size.
  • Sealing action –The design of the lid is such that there is zero chance of access to the contents of the box.
  • Greater usability – These boxes can be stacked in a filled form on top of each other.
  • Needs less space –Plastic moving boxes have good ergonomics, taking up little space in an unfilled form, i.e., when placed inside each other.
  • Possibility of filling –Box hire Sydney is also the best option if you are carrying things that are important to you. When you rent plastic moving boxes Sydney from us, you need not worry about the safety of the contents. They are incredibly light and are easy to carry.
  • Higher volume – The plastic moving boxes Sydney provide enough space, and you will be surprised by how many things can fit into one such box.


Package1 Week Rental2 Week Rental3 Week Rental4 Week Rental
1 Bedroom$141.00$171.00$201.00$231.00
2 Bedroom$180.00$220.00$260.00$300.00
3 Bedroom$220.00$280.00$340.00$400.00
4 Bedroom$260.00$330.00$400.00$470.00
5 Bedroom$315.00$405.00$495.00$585.00
5+ BedroomWhoa, that's a big move! Contact Us for custom pricing.
Package1 Week Rental2 Week Rental4 Week Rental6 Week Rental
50 Box Units$200.00$250.00$350.00$450.00
100 Box Units$400.00$500.00$700.00$900.00
200 Box Units$800.00$1000.00$1400.00$1800.00
300 Box Units$1200.00$1500.00$2100.00$2700.00
300+ Box UnitsWhoa, that's a big move! Contact Us for custom pricing.
1 Week Rental$120.00
2 Week Rental$140.00
3 Week Rental$160.00
4 Week Rental$180.00
1 Bedpack
1 Week Rental$141.00
2 Week Rental$171.00
3 Week Rental$201.00
4 Week Rental$231.00
2 Bedpack
1 Week Rental$180.00
2 Week Rental$220.00
3 Week Rental$260.00
4 Week Rental$300.00
3 Bedpack
1 Week Rental$220.00
2 Week Rental$280.00
3 Week Rental$340.00
4 Week Rental$400.00
4 Bedpack
1 Week Rental$260.00
2 Week Rental$330.00
3 Week Rental$400.00
4 Week Rental$470.00
5 Bedpack
1 Week Rental$315.00
2 Week Rental$405.00
3 Week Rental$495.00
4 Week Rental$585.00
50 Box Units
1 Week Rental$200.00
2 Week Rental$250.00
4 Week Rental$350.00
6 Week Rental$450.00
100 Box Units
1 Week Rental$400.00
2 Week Rental$500.00
4 Week Rental$700.00
6 Week Rental$900.00
200 Box Units
1 Week Rental$800.00
2 Week Rental$1000.00
4 Week Rental$1400.00
6 Week Rental$1800.00
300 Box Units
1 Week Rental$1200.00
2 Week Rental$1500.00
4 Week Rental$2100.00
6 Week Rental$2700.00

Rent Plastic Moving Boxes Sydney & Enjoy Its Benefits

Many people think that using cardboard boxes have no significant effect on the environment. However, we can only use these boxes only once or twice, after which we need to dispose of them.

This means that to have more cardboard boxes, you would have to cut down more trees, which, as we all know, are detrimental to the environment. However, your decision to hire moving boxes Sydney can help protect the environment.

When you are looking to hire plastic moving boxes Sydney, you will be doing the environment a favour as well because our plastic removal boxes are made up of hygienic, safe, and recycled raw materials with proper certification.

So do not waste your money on purchasing cardboard boxes. Get in touch with us today, and we will ensure that you get the best green moving boxes Sydney that will help you move efficiently and have the least effect on the environment.

Call us today and box hire Sydney from us so that both you and the environment can benefit from your decision!!

How Hiring Moving Boxes Sydney Is Better

It Is Eco-Friendly

Plastic moving boxes hire Sydney can be used multiple times, which is not the case with conventional cardboard boxes, which can be used only a few times. Thus, plastic moving boxes Sydney boxes made from recycled plastic are better for the environment, especially when you compare them to traditional cardboard boxes.

It Is Pocket-Friendly

Deciding to hire plastic moving boxes from us is the best decision you can make while moving as we rent our moving boxes Sydney at affordable rates. This does not mean that we compromise on the quality of the plastic boxes and make sure to sanitise them before renting them to other clients.

It Is Safer For Your Belongings

When you hire moving boxes Sydney from us, you will notice that they are sturdy and stackable, which makes them a great option to move your items. You can stack these moving boxes Sydney as high as 5 feet, and we can guarantee that there will be no damage to your belongings.

Moving Boxes Sydney And Its Benefits

What Our Client Says

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can purchase our boxes and dollies. If you are interested then please feel free to contact us via email at contact@hiremovingboxes.com.au.

Yes, we are a moving company that is based out of Sydney. We provide complete moving solutions that include 2 men and a truck, packing and unpacking, and office removals as well.
The dimensions of the larger plastic boxes are 18.25in x 13.5in x 27.75in and that of the smaller boxes is 15.4in x 12.8in x 18.6in.
In case such a thing happens, we will proceed with assessing the damage on an individual basis. If you lose or damage any of our dollies then you will be charged a replacement fee of $40 per box and $60 for a dolly.
You can either pay by cash on the day of your delivery, or by credit card, or even by bank transfer.
All you need to do is call or email us as soon as you finalize the date of the delivery.

We Offer The Best Services When It Comes To Providing Moving Boxes Sydney

The moment you decide to hire moving boxes Sydney from us, you have already taken the first step towards making your move much simpler….PERIOD!!

Every one of us feels a bit nervous while we decide to move as the entire process is a daunting one, especially for those moving for the first time. But the good news is that with our moving boxes Sydney you will get a reliable, convenient, and robust moving solution.

We at Hire Moving Boxes have on offer a wide range of moving boxes Sydney that is suitable for all types of moves. Moreover, whenever you decide to go for plastic moving boxes hire Sydney; you only pay for the boxes you use and nothing else.

Also, we provide our customers with long-term pricing if they wish to store their belongings for an extended period.

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